Registered Migration Agent (MARN 1679243)

We provide professional services and advice to anyone looking to come to, or study in, Australia.

We have met people from many different countries, all with different ambitions, cultures, backgrounds and family circumstances. We provide a friendly, approachable service at a reasonable fee.

We can assist you with Student Visas, Skilled Visas, Employer Sponsored Visas and Partner Visas.

We want to help you, and look forward to hearing your story and to helping you achieve your goals.

Professional obligations

As a Registered Migration Agent (MARN 1679243) any and all information you provide to us, either in writing or verbally, is completely confidential and will not be revealed to anyone else without your written agreement.

Before we act on your behalf you will receive full details of the duties we will perform for you and their full costs, including expected timeframes (dependent upon information provided by the Department of Border Protection available at that time).

We only work on a handful of cases at any one time, to ensure you receive our full professional attention and have the best chance possible of securing your desired visa.

Code of Conduct

We must abide by the Code of Conduct (you can obtain a copy from the MARA website by clicking on the image to the left), which you are free to download (click the image on the right), and will provide you with information regarding this before you agree to accept our services. Our professional reputation is extremely important to us, and therefore we only accept cases where there is a reasonable chance of success.

Further information

For the latest, current detailed information regarding your personal situation and the visa you are interested in, please contact us (email is best for our first contact so you can provide some detail) and we will be happy to quickly respond.

We look forward to helping you.

Email us for more information: